Never Say Never

Sometimes life holds your cheeks in her two hands and whispers charming things in your ear.

Month: March, 2013

A Dream from Two Years Ago:

An old friend was visting me. She was going to be 42 weeks pregnant and induced on the day she returned home. We were shopping in an old junk/sewing store and she found a rancid bottle of castor oil which she planned to take. And then I found myself on an airplane with a soft suitcase full of chicks. The flight attendant was looking at me askance (because of the peeping) and then I woke up.

And now you know where my mental energy is going these days. Post-dates pregnancy and chickens.


Birth Day

Let the colors explode, let the wind twist my hair and turn it grey(er), let the daughters sing, and the friends and loves move their bows across strings.

Let my hands open big and then clasp yours, let gifts received be gifts given. This year is for dancing.

This Morning

In here, my heart,
rests an image, the feeling,
made this morning, of a mama

Having pushed her baby to this side kneeling, lean down
On her elbows, kiss her daughter’s forehead, and announce in one breath, her daughter’s name.

Quinoa Muffins

Quinoa muffins in the oven. Honey butter whipped. And all I can think about is the hiss of oceans meeting the grit of shore. The suck and pull of the tides – leaving one standing, tilting, in wells of salty water.